Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Honours watch: Order of Canada to Bliss, Jonas, Penny

The Star today reports that Michael Bliss has been appointed to the Order of Canada.  Actually he was appointed in 1998; this is a promotion, from member of the order to officer.  From his memoir, Writing History, this is his reaction to the original appointment.
From time to time, I wondered if I had a shot at receiving the Order of Canada, but I doubted it.  I thought I had made too many enemies. ... When my friend Jack Granatstein, who had recently been inducted into the order, offered to organize my nomination, I was flattered and agreeable, though not hopeful.  But what could be the downside?
There was none. It was an unalloyed pleasure when I was offered membership in the Order of Canada in 1998.
Here's hoping the promotion is equally pleasurable, Michael.

These New Year's lists are kinda thin on writers, let along historians, though I do note Toronto writer George Jonas and Louise Penny, author of the Inspector Gamache novels set in the Eastern Townships, there.

Update, January 6:  writer Douglas Coupland too, I'm informed.
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