Friday, November 15, 2013

Something else at Toronto City Council

Ridgeway -- not exactly precise (or there would have been more than nine casualties)
Peter Vronsky reports:
Toronto City Council yesterday (Thurs, Nov 14) unanimously adopted the Battle of Ridgeway Commemoration Resolution calling on the Federal Government to enlist the Ridgeway Nine into Canada's National Books of Remembrance.

Thanks to Councillor Paul Ainslie for introducing this motion and everybody who wrote City Council this week at such short notice in support of it.  This is a wonderful way to conclude the Remembrance week of 2013.

It still remains to persuade the Federal Government to adopt the City Council's petition and recognize these forgotten nine soldiers killed in the defence of Canada and bring them home to rest in our national memorial heritage after nearly 150 years, along with the 22 other casualties who subsequently died of wounds sustained or disease while in service during the Fenian Raids 1866 in Ontario and Quebec. 
Vronsky on Ridgeway here.

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