Wednesday, November 06, 2013

History of drugs in cycling

Since around here we go all fanboy over the Tour de France every July, we ought to take note of the recent news of Canadian cyclist Ryder Hesjedal's admission of past doping.  Full CBC story here.

I'm not entirely surprised. Hesjedal broke into top-flight road cycling with Lance Armstrong's US Postal team when it was drug central, indeed when cycling was pervasively dirty, so people have wondered what might come out. Though this only emerged in public last week, he apparently made an admission to American and Canadian authorities months ago, declaring it was all more than ten years in the past.  And for what it's worth, his current team has been among the leaders in the anti-doping movement in cycling.

But then everyone denies until it comes out.

Update:  What I thought about the drugs issue and Hesjedal almost a year ago.
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