Tuesday, November 05, 2013

History and zombies

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Spadina Conversations starts tonight at Spadina House, hosted by Toronto Historic Sites  The theme is 1920s Toronto and its analogies with today. But the series is cleverly called (click-bait!) Myth-Making: Zombies, War and the Art of Advertising.  

Tonight's is the zombie one, "Vampires versus Zombies." Kelly Michael Stewart, host of "Fright Nights at the Projection Booth," and Andrew Watson, author of "Zombies, Environmental Declensionism, and the Fate of Humanity: Symbolism in the Zombie Metaphor, 1968-2013," discussing the topic "Do 1920s movie monsters reflect 1920s society? What does our fascination with zombies say about us today?"

Subjects for following Tuesdays include 'twenties and contemporary advertising, then a comparison of myth-making about war in the 'twenties and today, with Jonathan Vance and Ian McKay.  Full details here.  

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