Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Prize watch: the GGs

Canada Council announced the short lists for the Governor General's Literary Awards this morning.  Not so much history in the nonfiction list this year, at least by the conventional meanings.

  • Sandra Djwa's Journey With No Maps, a life of the poet-painter P.K.Page
  • Carolyn Abraham The Juggler's Children, a family history/genealogical tale
  • Nina Munk, The Idealist, on Jeffrey Sachs' anti-poverty project
  • Allan Smutylo, The Memory of Water, about aqueous 'scapes around the world
  • Priscilla Nuttall (sorry) Uppal, Projections, a memoir of her mother
Abraham's is the most historical, maybe, a family memoir that travels a long way. Nuttall's is the only one also nominated for the Hilary Weston prize, noted here the other day. It's a lit'ry prize folks, not a research prize.
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