Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Leadership problems, head of state problems ... but not Canada this time

The new guy (with the initials BS!)
The Australian Labor Party, driven from office in a recent general election, chose a new leader over the weekend, its third in a few months. Fans will recall that the ALP caucus deposed PM Julia Gillard last summer in favour of Kevin Rudd, whom they had early deposed in favour of Gillard.

Sad to say, the ALP has moved toward the Canadian system of mass party voting. However, they have so far only moved part way, and the parliamentary caucus used its remaining power to veto the mass membership choice and give the leadership to Bill Shorten.  Many Australian observers expect momentum towards fully removing leadership selection from the people's elected representatives to continue.

Just to complicate things, Shorten, the new leader of the opposition, is married to the daughter of the Governor General of Australia. One American observer wonders what the queen will say.
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