Monday, August 12, 2013

The Loyalist Bartletts

The Bartlett Family needs you
My friend Joe Koenig, the film-maker and pioneer of interactive teaching software, has reconceived and relaunched an old favourite called "The Loyalist Bartletts," with help from a team that includes me,

"The Bartletts" is a simulation game about a loyalist refugee family settling on the Niagara Peninsula in 1784.  If you play with skill and judgment, using the informational resources provided, the Bartletts prosper.

Though "The Bartletts" was mostly created with elementary and middle school history classes in mind, Joe and the team are making it fully available on the internet -- no fees, no membership, no limits. Just link here. The game works solo, but can be fun with a small group working together. There's a registration option, but that's just so you can save your progress and return to where you were.

If you are a school history teacher in particular -- or anyone who is interested or amused -- you are invited to consider "The Bartletts" as a teaching resource. If you have suggestions, comments, questions, or would like to be involved in the continued refinement of the game, get in touch. The development team's email is loyalistbartletts[at] Feel free to share news of "The Bartletts" with friends, family, colleagues.

Admin Note, Aug 12: the blog will be mostly inactive until about Labour Day.  Play the game, or keep up with history news with the links at right.  New stuff in the fall...
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