Wednesday, July 10, 2013

That little counter down to the right...

... today turned over 250,000 views (in the roughly three years since I turned it on).

I don't really know what 250,000 means or how many spambots and spiders and such it includes. But it's about 250,000 more than I expected when I started doing this... and I know quite a few of you are real people with whom I share some interests.  Greetings!

Update, July 11:  Russ Chamberlayne explains:
Well, in roughly three years there are roughly a thousand days (excluding weekends), and in those approximately 250 daily views, there are probably 100 rechecks in the same day (to see what the latest is), And among those 150 individual visitors, there might be 50 non-human visits, so for the 100 actual CMHN fans, I say
        BBQ IN T.O.!
 Long (and briefly) may you blog, Chris.

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