Friday, June 28, 2013

Ways to mark Canada Day #3

not actually my kids -- just a grab from Google images
  • Listen to me discussing Canada Day -- and how the Harper government does history -- with Libby Znaimer at noon on Sunday in the Toronto area on AM 740 Radio and thereafter podcasted by Zoomer Radio.
  • Watch me discussing Canada Day with Bev and Jeff and Marci on Canada Day on Canada AM on CTV television everywhere, and thereafter doubtless online  (here's their Canada Day recommendations):   
[This one from, oddly enough]
Or, if that is more than enough me:
  • watch the Tour de France.Three Canadians -- Svein Tuft, David Veilleux, and Ryder Hesjedal -- riding this year, to my knowledge. On the TSN2 channel,  which may be well up your specialty dial, but ....  Starts Saturday in Corsica.
  • read some Kate Beaton.  Her Canadian history comics always make me laugh, but right now her Anne of Cleves Gables is a killer.
Finally, the real way to mark Canada Day is to get to a beach or a cottage or a backyard with a cold one and some friends.  Thanks to the miracle of pre-taping and time-shifting, I'm actually going to focus on those this weekend without neglecting the things above.  

So after this afternoon, blogging from me will be slim to none until next week.  Happy holiday.
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