Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ways to mark Canada Day #1: 4th Line Theatre

The season does not open until July 2, but this fits. 4th Line Theatre at Winslow Farm near Millbrook, Ont., is one of those summer theatres that does local theatre in situ, often taking up historical topics. Theatre in a barn? 4th Line has several barns, and a big yard, and makes use of them: one of its plays this year involves a cast of sixty and mounted horsemen.

The definitive 4th Line production, perhaps, is the now 20-year old The Cavan Blazers, about a local and risky subject: Protestant-Catholic hostilities in the country north of Lake Ontario during the 19th century. This year's Winslows of Derryvore is offered as a prequel set in Ireland, where they also knew something about Protestant-Catholic, ah, issues.

Season brochure downloadable here.

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