Thursday, June 27, 2013

History bloggers on the job

  • At, Kaitlin Wainwright has a thoughtful piece on the evolution of the Heritage Minutes. (Disclosure: I've been asked for some advice on the minutes currently in development.)
  • Andrew Smith argues historians should be more involved in planning the anniversary commemorations coming .
  • Everyday History draws our attention to Chris Champion's interesting study in The Dorchester Review of the War of 1812 associations of the confederation-makers in the 1860s. Champion slags a lot of people, including a well known history blogger, but that's his rhetorical style: suggesting someone is a bigot and a"leftie" seems just his equivalent of "I think we disagree."
  • Charlevoix follows news of the 1679 wreck of La Salle's Griffon,  possibly found in Lake Michigan.
  • And the Osgoode Society legal history blog gives us a shoutout.
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