Friday, May 03, 2013

American Heritage magazine folds again

History News Network reports on the suspension of publication of American Heritage magazine, the old and once rather prestigious popular history magazine.  It folded a few years ago and was revived by Edwin Grosvenor of the National Geographic family, but has now entered another suspension.  The magazine website is still up, but does not look to have been updated for a while.

Maybe not coincidentally, they have a simultaneous non-profit, grant-supported project to make the whole contents of the magazine available "for education," apparently free. Strategizing for magazines is a tough business these days, I know, but if they price their accumulated inventory at zero, will subscribers feel differently?  The benevolent aims of would-be educators and the "how do we get 'em paying?" mindset of magazine people often mix oddly at historical magazines.

In other news, Canada's History just picked up a nom at the National Magazine Awards and a slew of them at the Western Magazine Awards.
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