Monday, March 25, 2013

Fowler wins!

Trevor Fowler was the winner of the giveway draw on Saturday morning and will be starting his one-year Ancestry subscription soon. Just for the hell of it, I pulled out two runners-up: Tom Morton and Brian Busby, who get no prize beyond what fame this post provides.

The draw was random, but I was impressed with the proposals the entrants came up with:

Trevor Fowler:
If I had an subscription, I would spend a year with my mother-in-law getting to know her mother, who has a lot of "perhaps" and "maybes" in her genealogical record. I never had the opportunity to meet this woman, and I would be humbled to have the opportunity to learn more about the matrilineage of two incredible women in my life - my wife and her mother.
Tom Morton:
If I had an subscription, I would explore my Dad's Scottish roots and my Mum's Loyalist ones. I might learn why my Grandfather never joined the Canadian Army in WW I and what kind of a life my Mum's ancestors lived before fleeing the United States.
Brian Busby (who I know slightly as a fellow writer and as impresario of the terrific blog The Dusty Bookcase, about the suppressed, ignored, and forgotten in Canadian writing and publishing): 
If I had an subscription, I would make good use of it in researching what I hope will be my next two books: a tome on the Maria Monk hoax and a biography of Guelph girl Elinor Glyn.
Okay, back to the blog's more regular concerns
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