Friday, March 08, 2013

Death of a historian: Stomping Tom Connors 1936-2013

Who else wrote so much and so well about
  • the social history of mining communities ("Sudbury Saturday Night")
  • labour and technology in the tobacco industry ("Tillsonburg")
  • Maritime-Ontario interprovincial trade  ("Bud the Spud")
  • marketing in the Canadian music industry ("Bus Tour to Nashville," "Luke's Guitar")
  • cross-cultural folklore traditions of the Ottawa valley ("Big Joe Mufferaw")
  • survival ethics in Arctic aviation ("The Martin Hartwell Story")
  • placename geography of Highway 17  ("I've Been Everywhere")
  • Canadian dialects ("Gumboot Cloggeroo")
  • and much more
Dr. Connors' research was recognized with Ph.Ds from St Thomas University, the University of Prince Edward Island, and the University of Toronto.
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