Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blogserious -- conviction and $200,000 fine for blog posts

A cautionary note for bloggers: your blog ain't always the playpen it probably feels like most of the time. An Ontario court recently awarded a lawyer for Sun Media a $200,000 judgment for comments made about him on an anonymous blog.  Actually, the convicted blogger has maintained his anonymity, stood by his statements, and (so far) avoided the sanctions.

Good luck with that.  And while we need some reform to libel law, it's important for bloggers to understand that they are responsible for what they say in public, and that the sanctions for irresponsible blogging can be serious.

Deep down in the weeds of the story, there are some hints this all flows from disputes between litigious and techsavvy lawyers.  Still: don't try this at home, history bloggers.
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