Sunday, December 09, 2012

Who won/lost 1812, continued...

Andrew Stewart writes, apropos our previous post below:
The emphasis on “who lost” the War of 1812 in this month’s lead article in  The Beaver Canada’s History, which you mention, is contested in a most thoughtful way by Six Nations historian Rick Hill –see the Woodland Cultural Centre’s exhibit and book War Clubs and Wampum Belts: Hodinohso:ni Experiences of the War of 1812 before it closes on 24 December. On this question, specifically, Rick Hill says (p. 85):
 “Our nations were not defeated, nor did they sign any articles of capitulation. The Treaty of Ghent that concluded the war guaranteed our nations any and all rights, privileges and possessions we had before the war…You can win a war and still lose your honour. In my mind, if there are any losers, it was our allies on both sides of the Niagara River. They failed to live up to their pledges made as a precondition to our involvement in this war.”

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