Thursday, September 27, 2012

History of "eye-bleeding stupidity"

Andrew Coyne observes,
the Harper Conservatives did not invent dumb, dishonest, attack-dog politics — though they may have perfected it. The return of Parliament has certainly reminded us yet again how eye-bleedingly stupid our politics is
He argues the blame lies with members of parliament -- your MP -- who permit and facilitate all this.  So does the potential solution, he sasy:
You can’t separate politics from the people in it, as if they were somehow its victims and not its enablers. It’s not going to change until somebody in politics — the followers, not the leaders, the ones who quietly tell reporters of their frustrations, but go along in the end — stands up and says it’s wrong of my party to behave this way. My party: never mind what the other guys are doing. We just need to stop. Us.
Here's how you will know if it is starting to happen. When a parliamentary caucus rejects a leader's policy and substitutes its own, or when a party caucus removes a party leader and chooses his or her successor, then you will know parliaments are beginning to recover.  The authority to do so is already there. we just need a caucus of elected representatives to pick it up their responsibility.

The whole column is worth reading.

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