Wednesday, July 04, 2012

This month's Literary Review of Canada

.... now in print and online, has a strong selection of historically-relevant essays and book reviews:  Michael Valpy on 1812 turncoat Joseph Willcocks, Daniel Francis on Expo '67, Jonathan Vance on the Komagata Maru incident, and Anthony Westell on the federal election of 2011.

In the print edition only, Andr√© Blais and William Cross respond to my review in last month's issue, which took issue with the argument of their book on leadership selection in parliamentary democracies. They turn out to be hard to argue with.  It seems my arguments were effective enough that now they not only say they largely accept my point, but declare that they made those very points themselves in the book under review.  But the LRC does not encourage "exchanges," so don't look for a reply beyond this one.

Update, July 5:  Mea culpa -- I now see the LRC letters are available online here.
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