Friday, July 27, 2012

Just betting....

... that story of the U-Boat in Labrador's Churchill River is not going to pan out.  See the CBC's video of this

Not that it wouldn't be a fun story.  Not that the sonar image should be left uninvestigated.

But way up the Churchill River?  Sure, German submarines were active on the Labrador coast, and a venture as far as the big sea-inlet called Lake Melville -- say, to attack shipping at Happy Valley-Goose Bay -- seems at least possible.

But what motive would a submarine commander have for continuing past Goose Bay into a river that led to nowhere but an impassible waterfall.  Surely if there had been cause for such a mission, there ought to be documentation of it in the German archives -- which have been well examined. There are U-Boats unaccounted for, but no suggestion from the German naval records that any of the missing ones might have been in the Churchill-Lake Melville area.

So I'm ready to be surprised.... but it seems to me against the odds.
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