Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Studying the crown, promoting the crown

At Everyday History, Christopher Dummitt notes (and attaches the program of) an upcoming conference on the Crown in Canada at the University of Saskatchewan, which he takes to be a good thing.

Well, yes.  But one notes that the conference is sponsored by Friends of the Canadian Crown, a monarchist lobby. The program is studded with a number of prominent monarchists who might not otherwise be on the agenda of an academic conference. Prominent sceptics about the crown's role in Canadian governance, and organizations sympathetic to republican initiatives, are conspicuous by their absence from the program. There are distinguished political scientists and constitutional scholars on the program, to be sure.  But is this a balanced scholarly examination, or a propaganda exercise with some academic cover?  Do universities worry about that kind of thing when they are offered conferences like these?

Thanks, CD. You raise interesting issues.
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