Friday, May 04, 2012

Talk among yourselves... a blog holiday

In the next couple of days, the statscounter thingee on this blog should roll into six figures: 100,000 views.
That seems like a great time to take a …. hiatus?
No, no, I  expect to be back.  I’m just going to be travelling in the next week or two, and probably there will be no blogging from me. Sorry, friends, you will have to be responsible for wasting your own time for a while. Try some other historyblogs -– maybe from the links at right. If you are desperate, explore in our blog archives, accessible just below the links list. Mostly this has been a file-and-forget blog, but here's a few faves from a quick lookback: the first day of 2009's daily live-blogged siege of Quebec here, the very first posts back to 2004 here, a representative sample of my parliamentary-democracy meme here, and a "weird stuff from the archives" post here.   
The big round statscounter number of 100,000 hits is completely arbitrary, even leaving aside what a “hit” may means. We started a new counter at zero in June 2010, so the 100,000 does not include all the readers of the previous five or six years.  But whatever these hits mean, we are now running at better than 50,000 of ‘em a year.  

That is miniscule compared to any substantial blog, for sure, but not bad for its restricted subject and audience. It’s also about 50,000 more a year than I anticipated when I began this. 
Look for fresh postings around the May long weekend. 
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