Thursday, May 03, 2012

Historians on the move

Not the Florida place
It is announced that the historian Conrad Black, known for his biographies of Maurice Duplessis, Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and himself, will soon be taking up residence in Toronto.  Mr Black, a citizen of Britain, has spent most of the last several years in Florida.

Seriously, I have no objection to Black's return to Canada.  It is hypocritical of the hard-on-crime, hard-on-immigration government we have to bend so far in his favour. But I see no harm risk to the country in his being here, and maybe he will even repent of that self-hating Canadian schtick he was running a decade ago when he was pursuing foreign titles.

The best thing about Mr Black's incarceration was that he used his time to write quite a lot of interesting things that did no one any harm,  and he had to stay out of business, where his activitie  seem to cause constant grief for all concerned. Now if only he can write biographies and commentary as prolifically in his Bridal Path mansion as in his Florida cell -- and stay out of business ventures...
[Photo source MyandMyToronto]
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