Monday, March 26, 2012

History in the news: beards

Separated at birth?
The Star (but not online it seems) identifies Alexander Mackenzie as the last (until Saturday) leader of the opposition to wear a beard (1880), and Mackenzie Bowell (shown above) as the last prime minister of Canada to do so (1896).  Both men, as it happens, were removed from office by their own caucus and cabinet colleagues. But surely that won't happen again....

Update, March 27: Roderick Benns notes:

And if we consider the moustache, I believe Robert Borden was the last prime minister to don a 'stache and Jack Layton was the last (all too brief) opposition leader. Hmmm. Layton and Mulcair are both very recent. If the polls look bad for Mr. Harper in 2015, perhaps he could grow something on his face and change up the optics....

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