Friday, January 27, 2012

End of War; End of Publishers?

Toronto writer Bill Freeman's new book The End of War argues the possibility of lasting peace:
The End of War is an examination of war and the possibility of peace. In the past empires have used war as the way to dominate and exploit others. Today the United States, the world’s sole empire and superpower, continues to use its military power to impose its will but the U.S. is meeting more and more opposition. Even though it has the most powerful military in the world, the American military cannot win guerilla wars or put down insurrections. The world is changing. Globalization, the rise of democracy, and improving living standards are creating new ways that nations relate to each other. A number of small wars continue, but major conflicts have diminished, peacemakers have developed new skills tools and the possibility of lasting peace is greater than at any time in a century. The book explores the practice of both war and peace and takes the optimistic view that we can finally achieve the dream of The End of War.
The End of War is part of that new, possibly historic, trend:  established authors giving up on traditional publishing and opting to make their work available through online distribution exclusively.  Website here. Hard-copy ordering information here.  EBook via Kobo, Kindle, and the usual ebook sources.
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