Monday, December 05, 2011

How's the War Going, Grandpa?

Seventy years ago, in 1941,  Rommel's PanzerArmee Afrika  is at the borders of Egypt. German armies are on the outskirts of both Moscow and Leningrad.  British and German bomber fleets hammer at each other's cities as much as they can.  Unrestricted submarine warfare rages in the North Atlantic.  Control of Malta and the Mediterranean around it continues to be contested.

After Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June, Charles Ritchie, the Canadian diplomat and diarist stationed in London, told his diary, "This war is like a great complicated piece of music -- a great symphony in which motifs are started, then disappear and reappear in many combinations."

A new motif is about to be introduced.  The attack on Pearl Harbour is just days away.  Already Japanese fleets are positioning themselves to attack there as well as Hong Kong and Malaya.

 World War II Day by Day is on the case.  WW2DbD is hardcore ,for sure -- no photos, no oral histories, no salutes to veterans.  Just the war, day by day and combat by combat.  I really admire it.
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