Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Lester B. Pearson archival materials

I was recently involved (to a very small extent but involved nonetheless!) in the donation of some Lester B. Pearson materials from when he was an undergraduate student at the Victoria University in the University of Toronto prior to, during and after the First World War. They were recently in the possession of the family but have joined a number of LBP and his son Geoffrey Arthur Holland Pearson (a distinguished Canadian and diplomat in his own right) materials that have been donated to the Carleton University and University of Victoria (University of Toronto) archives. Keep an eye out for more LBP and GAHP materials from Carleton as they're eventually accessioned and made available.

The University of Victoria Archives has just digitized the donated LBP materials and have made them available online here. Hon. Landon Pearson, LBP's daughter-in-law and GAHP's wife who donated the material, made an interesting note as to why LBP's grades fell so drastically after his return to U Vic after the war.....likely suffering from shell shock - post traumatic stress disorder.
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