Monday, November 14, 2011

Book Notes: 100 Moments

Last year the people at The Beaver Canada's History magazine had a big success with an elegant photo/essay collection called 100 Photos that Changed Canada.  It got a great reaction, ended up under a lot of Christmas trees, and spent quite a while high on the bestseller lists.

The same team led by Mark Read (who edits both the magazine and these books), is back to see if lightening will strrike twice.  This year the book is 100 Days that Changed Canada:  handsome photos adjoining brief essays by a large and cleverly chosen range of contributors on 100 notable moments in Canadian history since 1867.

As a clean-up hitter/utility infielder/third-line goaile (what is the metaphor?) for Canada's History, I contributed four short essays to last year's book and three to this year -- including the first, on July 1, 1867.   But that someone on your gift list would probably like it anyway.  More info here.
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