Monday, October 10, 2011

Refighting 1812

Publicity wizard David McCaughna of WNED in Buffalo has been urging me to remind you of the PBS premiere of "The War of 1812" tonight.  Happy to oblige, Dave.

Meanwhile a little war over the War of 1812 has broken out among the columnists and letter-writers at The Globe & Mail.  Jeffrey Simpson argues the whole war is simply too dumb to be remembered at all, and sees nasty political scheming by the Harperians behind it all.  But Washington correspondent Konrad Yakabuski, without actually mentioning Simpson, bemoans collective amnesia and declares.
the bicentennial of the War of 1812 is an appropriate time to reflect, collectively, proudly, on why our forebears clung to their desire for an independent nation to the north of the United States.
In the letters column, Chris Champion gets a nice shot in, too, asking if dumb wars should be forgotten, why we still have Remembrance Day on November 11.  Update, Oct 13:  Champion's National Post essay on the same theme here.

Happy Thanksgiving.  One day all our wars will be two hundred years in the past.
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