Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Literary Review of Canada needs you

The Literary Review of Canada goes from strength to strength -- see some samples here.

Last night I went out in the rain to attend the latest of its "Big Ideas" public discussion, this one featuring former clerk of the Privy Council Alex Himelfarb arguing that somebody needs to stand up in defence of taxation, because the crusade for tax-cutting that has dominated the last few decades has brought none of the promised benefits, while increasing inequality, reducing the quality and fairness of public services, and creating unfairness, discontent and disaffection. The text will be in the Globe & Mail this weekend, apparently.   It was an impressive event -- though maybe delivered to an audience that already believed -- and typical of a lot of good things the LRC does.

 In its twentieth year the magazine has become a notable success... except in circulation, apparently.  If you think good magazines are a good thing, don't just browse the website.  Subscribe.
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