Tuesday, July 19, 2011

They paved Parliament and put up a ...

They paved Canada’s First Parliament and put up a parking lot  ...  shoo bop bop bop bop ...

The first permanent parliament of the United Province of Canada was in Montreal – though it’s not quite clear where it was located and not many people even know it was there. Now archaeologists have begun digging up a parking lot in Old Montreal to find it.  Kingston was the original home of the Parliament and it was moved to Montreal on Nov. 28, 1844 and held in St Anne’s Market (the current Place D’Youville if you’re exploring old Montreal. They’re excavating till October).

The building was burned to the ground on April 25, 1849 when a mob took over the building – upset by the Rebellion Losses Bill – (not that I want to incite the burning down of buildings but surely there have been some newer issues equally worthy of the equivalent of ‘burning down’ of parliament) and lit a fire inside.

Of note in that parliament in Montreal – the establishment of responsible government in 1848. Also John A, the John A, challenged a rival to a duel over the above same Rebellion Losses Bill.

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