Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our boy in the big leagues

I didn't quite dare to predict it the other day, but Ryder Hesjedal had his big day yesterday.  Led a breakaway, led the whole tour over the mountain, led a group of just three into the finish line five minutes ahead of everyone else.  He got tons of TV attention and the commentators went on about what a skilled rider Ryder is.  (They also said he's from Vancouver, which will cause some teeth to knash in Victoria.)

The other two in his group of three were two of the best sprint-finishers in the world, so Hesjedal was pretty much certain to get pipped at the finish line.  So he worked in perfect harmony with his teammate Thor Hushovd (centre in the picture) and insured that he, not Edvald Boassen Hagen (left) of the rival Sky team, got the stage win, while Hesjedal came in cheering.  

Thanks to my blog partners for actually covering historical subjects on the blog while I'm amusing myself!  Photo credit: Toronto Star, who also provide cyclist Michael Barry's insider perspective on the day.  And The Walrus has a profile of Hesjedal by Richard Poplak.
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