Friday, July 22, 2011

Don't know nothing about the ... 19th century

Andrew Smith draw our attention to his review of two Canadian histories in Reviews in History, a British online reviewing site that, as he says, doesn't much cover Canadian history. T'aint all positive.
Canada has a large and well-funded historical profession and there are many scholars who work on the Canadian past, particularly periods after 1914 and, especially, 1945. The gender, aboriginal, military, and environmental histories of 20th-century Canada are the subject of intensive research. Very few historians of Canada, however, now work on 19th-century topics or in political history. There are approximately ten specialists in 19th-century Canadian history and only one or two of them can really be described as political historians. Even allowing for Canada’s smallish population, which is now half that of the United Kingdom and a tenth that of the United States, the volume of current research on 19th-century Canada is shockingly low. 
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