Thursday, July 28, 2011

Canadian Sport and Leisure: Summer Edition

Image of the Highland Inn (Algonquin Park).

With another long weekend fast approaching and the nice weather bringing us outdoors, I thought it would be a perfect time to look back on the ways Canadians in the past had fun in the sun. Each week in August I will highlight an aspect of Canadian summer sports and leisure, presenting brief histories on these Canadian activities. From camping to high luxury cottaging, I hope with this short series I can highlight the history of Play in Canada and some of the great material available on this topic. 

Exploring 'Play in Canada' brings such sub-topics as class, race, gender, memory and environment into the context. Sports and leisure in Canada illustrate a deeper cultural and social history and this is why Play is such a serious topic in the field. 

This week I present an American film on the great outdoors. Though it is not a Canadian source, this short film illustrates how people began to explore their own backyards through this unique tourist experience. 

Also it is amazing how many people feed the animals, including Bears! Far different from our experiences today. 
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