Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Partnershp Changes at Moore, Stokes, Kerr & Arcand

(A little administrative note, a bit self-rererential:)
Last summer I put out some feelers for contributors to this blog.  I half-jokingly spoke of "interns" as if I knew something of history blogging that could be conveyed to others.  But the offer to let others dip a toe into the bloggy pond was genuine, and the contributions over the past year by Mary Stokes and Jordan Kerr have -- to my mind anyway -- greatly enriched this blog.  Even I never know what to expect when I go here.
     Last year I vaguely suggested a one-year commitments.  Now, with the year nearly up, I'm loathe to part with anyone, but some changes are in the works.
     Mary Stokes soon expanded from weekly contributions here to developing the Canadian Legal History blog. In a few months she has made it the go-to site for anyone doing legal history in Canada, and a terrific addition to the way-too-short list of Canadian history blogs.   But it does mean she's thinking of reducing her contributions here.  Mary is keeping her passwords and we may be seeing her eclectic contributions from time to time -- or we have have to go to CLH to keep up with her.
     Jordan Kerr will continue to post, with frequency somewhat dependent on his life and sked this fall.  But we have another Ottawa student connection. Kimberley Arcand is, in her own words,  "a recent graduate from Carleton University.... currently working on a cultural history of Remembrance Day in Canada," and interested in  "the cultural and political history of Canada and Canadian memory and identity."  We'll have her first post up tomorrow and others thereafter.
     And I'm still putting out feelers for a few more contributors.  If a little blogging about Canadian history appeals to you, get in touch.
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