Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is "1867" Canada's Best Political Book?

The Writers' Trust and the Samara Foundation's short list of nominees for the best Canadian book about politics of the last quarter century is up today.

Leading the list, at least alphabetically, is 1867: How the Fathers Made a Deal.  

So look folks: it's a political prize. Let's get political.  Paul Wells will have Maclean's behind him.  Lawrence Martin will get big coverage in the Globe and Mail.  Sun TV is going to be all over Ezra Levant. The whole CanLit fiction crowd will plump for the only novel on the list, Terry Fallis's  Best Laid Plans.   The winner will be determined by online voting between now and late July.

As I see it, it's a cyberjungle out there, and you the readers of this blog are the only constituency 1867 can count on.  So I'm throwing my modest, mild-mannered Canadian discretion to the winds. My book seem to have been nominated for the only book prize that does not come with a cheque for $25,000, but no matter.  In the best political fashion, I'm urging you to get in there and vote.

Here's the link to the whole shortlist and the voting procedures.  PS. There's some other damn good books there.  And, for that matter, some good ones did not make the short list.

Update.  Bright, hip, historically-aware, politically-motivated, websavvy?  Samara Foundation is hiring.
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