Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best Canadian Political Books of the last 25 years?

Samara, the charitable foundation devoted to citizen involvement and democracy in Canada, and The Writers' Trust are seeking The Twenty-Five Best Political Books of the Last Twenty Five Years.  They are taking nominations until June 23, will announce candidates over the Canada Day weekend, and wrap the whole thing up for the August long weekend.  A "political" book, they say, can include "personal or journalistic essay, memoir, commentary and criticism (both social and political), history, biography, and fiction."
In the midst of drafting this post, I looked at the page of nominations already received from prominent Canadians -- and was rendered weak with gratitude:  Brigitte Pellerin and Andrew Coyne have included my 1867: How the Fathers Made a Deal
Quite a few other historical titles there too:  books by Gwyn, Duffy, Ajzenstat, English, Boyko, Bliss, Granatstein. So the field is open for historians to plump for political history. 
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