Wednesday, May 11, 2011

History of book promotion

"Can we interest you in taking a look and possibly doing a review about this beautifully done children's book about Abraham Lincoln when he was a child?" emails the publicist for Robert Bloch of Kansas City.

Well, it's fiction and American, so it's a little far from our turf.  But I can't help noting the vigour of the American book marketing machine, which delivers this kind of offer fairly regularly now. This blog has been noting Canadian books about history pretty constantly for years now and has pretty substantial pageview numbers to show for it.  I can't recall the last time a Canadian academic or trade publisher tried to bring anything to our attention.   

Update, May 12:  Brian Busby, of the remarkable booksblog Dusty Bookcase observes:
 In these two-plus years blogging about the forgotten, neglected and suppressed in Canadian literature (and music and film), I've yet to hear from a single Canadian publisher. I include here those that I have credited and praised in returning worthy works to print. I wouldn't think twice about the silence were it not for fairly regular queries from American publishers who wonder whether I might do a post on an old pulp novel or once-popular 19th-century novel that they are returning to print. 
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