Tuesday, May 10, 2011

History news beat, mostly via the Globe today.

Saving the census.  Bill Waiser makes a valiant case to persuade Globe & Mail readers to tick the census box that will make census data available in a hundred years.  But it's hopeless, I fear. As long as eternal closure is an option, the census will be fatally flawed as a source for history.  And this time it's not even the Conservatives and their ideological foolishness to blame, but a few misguided and deaf-to-all-reason legal advisors inside Statistics Canada.

Bombing the bridge. A foot- and bike-bridge to link the reviving historic Fort York historic neighbourhood  to the rest of downtown Toronto is threatened by Ford and Forder, who now dominate Toronto City Hall.  Who needs historic preservation when there is the NFL and monorails?

The End. Also, have you noticed that history and the world are scheduled to come to an end on May 21.  That's a week Saturday, in case you have plans.  Do you have those billboards in your neighbourhood too?  (This one come from the Globe & Mail, but there's one right outside our local Loblaws.

Perfect historian.  Also in the Globe, proof that our Mary Stokes is perfect.  Here, if you scroll right to the end of the second page.
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