Sunday, April 24, 2011

Twitter - Dead Prime Minister Attack Ads

So, I've recently succumb to Twitter after a couple years of stubborn resistance. One of my favourite hastags is #deadPMattackads (!/search/deadpmattackads )which basically has former Prime Ministers and other political leaders wage their own political battles in the 21st century Twitterverse. It's been described as the best way to get a laugh during #elxn41. Here are some my favourites:

Charles Tupper
@ opposes free trade. His Unionist coalition will tax iPods & TruckNutz you buy abroad. It's just the beginning.
Sir Robert Borden
Ever wonder what @ stands for? John SPARROW David Thompson. Can you trust a man named after a passerine bird?
John Diefenbaker
@ does not take the party system seriously. He disguised a coalition as a "Union Gov't." Backroom dealer?
Pierre Trudeau
Well, @ thinks the metric system.ruined Canada. A vote for him is a vote for the AMERICAN Imperial System.
James S. Woodsworth
@ CCF work to WLM King from running dictatorship. King gov. wants to work for democ ovrseas but not in Canada
Sir Robert Borden
@ Voted against supporting Empire and friends in WWII. Would have preferred Hitler run amok.
Sir Robert Borden
@ recklessly divided our country with his metrification agenda- Canada needs a stern hand,not economic instability

Sir Robert Borden
@ : Ran for and supported Saskatchewan's first Conservative government... a reckless COALITION government.
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