Monday, April 18, 2011

History and Human Rights

The debate over the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg and its treatments of the Holocaust and other genocidal campaigns has taken a new turn, with an international network of historians criticizing the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association, accusing the organizations of "dishonesty" and "distortion," of failing to "confront the historical record openly and honestly," and of engaging in a "competition of suffering."  The Globe and Mail describes both organizations as  "vociferous and steadfast opponents of the plan" for the Human Rights museum on these topics.

The Globe story is here.  The story does not link to the open letter said to be sent in various European newspapers and signed by Sir Ian Kershaw, Christopher Browning and other prominent historians. My Google search failed to turn up any European newspaper publication of it, but what seems to be the same text, with an earlier list of distinguished signatories, is here, on the website of the Canadian Jewish Congress.   A UCCLA response is here.
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