Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Are you tired of traditional accounts of science and technology?

Aren't we all?

But mirabile dictu, the Reading Artifacts Summer Institute is presented by the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa,  August 15-19.

Here are some excerpts from the announcement:

Are you tired of traditional accounts of science and technology? Discover alternative historical perspectives and methods in the midst of Canada’slargest collection in science, medicine and technology. Our annual artifact sessions in the CSTM storage facility bring together Canadian and international scholars from across the disciplinary spectrum. Participants immerse themselves in our collections gaining renewed appreciation for artifacts and the multiple, unpredictable stories they tell....

Participants will
- investigate artifacts, trade literature and photographic collections as resources for research, teaching, and the public presentation of history
- work with leading collection scholars in a national museum setting to explore material culture methodologies and approaches
- use artifacts as the center of discussion and hands-on group examinations
- learn the basics of conservation, cataloging and developing collections in local environments 
More info here. Application form here. 

It looks like fun. Except for the gloves.

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