Wednesday, March 09, 2011

History Camp

How cool is this? Summer History Camp for grown ups. And in Val d'Espoir, which is super lovely.

This intensive three-week course will be of interest to those wishing to develop their field recording techniques, to learn to interpret buildings and sites, to work with local interest groups in community development, and to sensitively intervene in regional cultural landscapes. Open to advanced undergraduate and graduate students and professionals of a variety of disciplines, the course welcomes both English and French speakers. The number of places is limited to 15.

I'm a little perturbed by the idea of sensitively intervening in regional cultural landscapes, though. Sounds a bit like the U.S. army soi-disant in the Middle East. But maybe it's a translation thing.

The downside? Since the field school runs May 16-June 3, you would have to miss out on history mini-camp, the CHA-SHC annual meeting, being held at Congress May 29-June 2 (register by March 31 for early bird rates.) In Fredericton this year, also super lovely, and you can sign up for a yummy-sounding lobster dinner.
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