Thursday, February 17, 2011

Heroic History Blogging

We try to keep up and, you know, post now and then on the state of historical doings in our balilwick. But there are some truly heroic historobloggers out there.

Consider Jonathan Jarrett, a British medievalist who produces a remarkable blog that had me at the title: A Corner of Tenth Century Europe. Jarrett apologizes for not posting so often -- he's teaching, doing original research in obscure archives, publishing monographs at a ferocious rate, raising a family, attending conferences, etc, etc. But he still quite frequently comes up with a post like this one, that manages to cover about 26 issues in medieval studies and is still lively, readable, full of personality, and beautifully illustrated to boot.

And has seven substantial footnotes.  Footnotes on a blog post is where I draw the line, I thought, but he brings it off.
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