Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gotta love western politics

When I arrived in Edmonton last night, to do some things with the History Department and Law School at the University of Alberta, the TV newsscreen above the baggage carousal at the airport was discussing the resignation of Premier Ed Stelmach.  Gotta give the west credit for keeping politics lively!  Much speculation, but the Globe and Mail is most specific in suggesting it was Finance Minister Ted Morton's threat to resign and take large parts of caucus and cabinet with him that persuaded Stelmach to go. Calgary Herald has a similar story.

Now if the caucus and cabinet had had the stones not only to remove Stelmach but to choose his replacement, then the party could have made a smooth and legitimate transition in which the people's elected representatives actually determine who forms the government (y'know, parliamentary democracy).  But of course it ain't gonna be not that clear and simple.
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