Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Election fever and the NDP death knell tolls (for like the 20th time)

Just the other day a friend sent me this piece from The Record. It seems every time there's serious federal election talk the idea the NDP uniting with the Liberal Party is thrown around (remember the speculation surrounding the Chretien/Broadbent meeting in 2008). While I don't particularly agree with the author, this isn't the place for that kind of debate. He/she brushes over CCF/NDP history which brings up once again the question of the role of third parties in Canadian politics and the historical role of the NDP itself.

Here are some clips relating to the article:

A new brand of Canadian social democracy (J.S. Woodsorth, 1935)
Total triumph for Diefenbaker, Tories in 1958
New leader for a new party (Tommy Douglas 1961 at the creation of the federal NDP Party) 
NDP elects its largest caucus ever (1988)
From Oshawa to Ottawa (Ed Broadbent) 1988
One of the 1984 leaders debates
Astonishing Victory for the NDP (Bob Rae in Ontario 1990)

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