Monday, December 13, 2010

What were the historical bests of 2010? A bleg.

Some years I do a survey of our prominent historians and writers about the best history books, films, exhibits, controversies, and events of the past year.  And each year a depressingly large contingent replies, "Oh, gee, I've been busy, I haven't been keeping up, I don't read much outside my field, I...."

Sometimes I fear I will start buying into in the public stereotype of historians as dim and tweedy bores.

But this blog can't survey everything or keep up with every publication (he said, understating enormously) -- and surprisingly few historical publishers ever think of sending a  review copy or notice to Canada's leading history blog So I'm turning to you, loyal readers.

Have you seen a book worth noting among the year's best histories?  Or a film?  Or a museum exhibition that really stood out.  Email suggestions and I'll compile a master list for early in the new year.  Seriously, I want your help.  Good work deserves recognition.  Give it some thought.

Try to resist the temptation to nominate yourself, no matter how cruelly you have been neglected. And "worst of" is fun, but works better if the good has already been honoured -- which in our field is too rare.

Hoping to hear from you.  (Bleg?  Blog + beg = bleg.)  Image: Google Images
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