Monday, December 13, 2010

"Vimy" at the GCTC

Photo from GCTC site
This past Thursday I had the privilege of seeing the play "Vimy" by the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa. It's essentially the flashbacks and stories of 4 soldiers wounded at the battle Vimy Ridge while recovering in hospital.  I'm not a theatre buff so I won't try to describe and pros and cons but I can say that it was a great cross section of recognizable aspects of the war; shell shock, Wizz Bangs, gas wounds, mud, French/English tensions of the period etc.

The play struck me quite strong at times. After recently undertaking my first research experience using First World War letters it was stirring, to say the least, to see and hear some of the experiences and emotions I read the letters acted out in front of me.

Whether you're well versed in Canadian First World War history or not, the play is with worth seeing. Unfortunately, the last show was on Saturday, but hopefully it will return at some point.

Jordan Kerr
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