Monday, October 18, 2010

Tommy Douglas & the War Measures Act

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The Douglas-Coldwell Foundation has a YouTube page with videos of Tommy Douglas speeches as well as other historical and informational clips applicable to the foundation and the NDP. For example...
Speech to 50th Anniversary Convention on Health Care 

In connection, it seems, with the 40th anniversary of the October Crisis the Foundation has posted a huge amount of audio of the War Measures Act debates in Parliament, including a speech by Douglas. I'm not sure which clip the speech is in though.

Below are a few documentaries on Douglas and some clips from the CBC Archives that are a re-post from my own blog.

Tommy Douglas: Keep of the Flame - National Film Board of Canada 1986

The Premiers: Tommy Douglas -CPAC 2009?
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The Premiers
Tommy Douglas

CBC Archives: Tommy Douglas and the NDP - 1935-2001


Jordan Kerr

Update: I believe the Douglas speech on the War Measures Act is in clips 5 through 8
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