Monday, September 06, 2010

Guest Intro & Log Driver's Waltz as nostalgia?

Hello Everyone,

Christopher Moore has graciously allowed me to intern as a contributor to his blog for the upcoming school term. I'm a 4th year Canadian history undergraduate student in Ottawa and I hope to post about once a week on various topics usually having to do with Canadian history. If anyone's interested, I keep a blog of my own on Canadian history, though other topics of interest occasionally find their way in.

For recent Canadian cultural history exam I was re-introduced to The Log Driver's Waltz, an old NFB Vignette from 1979. For me it brings back some childhood memories from seeing it on TV and is just a pleasant piece of historic Canadiana, regardless of its possible nostalgic aspects.

In the essay I made a surface connection of the film being a nostalgic and romantic expression of the log driving culture in Canada during a time when it was fading out of the industry. Perhaps connected to the same nostalgia that placed a log driving image on the the back of the 1970's to 1980's Canadian One dollar bill?

The observation was a shot in the dark so I'm interested to know if I was onto anything. Would anyone with knowledge on the history of the log driving industry in Canada be able to say yae or naye to this observation/connection?

Enjoy and whether I was wrong or not I hope this brings back memories!

Jordan Kerr
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