Friday, August 27, 2010

Book Notes: Natalie Zemon Davis interviewed

Years ago I interviewed Natalie Zemon Davis, and I've had a little historian's crush there ever since. So my eye was caught by this review-essay by David Bell in The New Republic, which draws attention to the recent English-language publication of a book based of interviews she did with a French historian some years ago. The book is  A Passion for History, and Bell's review features "hope and play" -- not keywords you would instantly associate with many historians, perhaps. Bell reminds me how prolific she has been -- and how much NZD I still have to look forward to reading.

Bell also notes the growing field the French call "egohistoire" -- autobiographies by historians. (Maybe it would stretch to our blogs, too.)

Here's publication details on A Passion for History here. (Who knew there was a Truman State University Press? Now we do.) Thanks Cliopatria.
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